The Kitchen

Cooktop Wall w/ mural

China cabinet wall:


Microwave drawer

Sink Wall

Pantry Door: 


Cabinet Interiors

Fridge/Freezer drawers on end of island

Utensil drawer above fridge/freezer drawers 

Pull out recycling 

Another utensil drawer 

Dishwasher drawer next to island sink

Bread and pantry drawer below appliance cabinet. Boxes left out so pantry items can be moved as needed.

Storage pull-outs next to cooktop 

Knife rack in drawer and utensil storage drawer below w/ etched cut-outs for utensils. Paper towel and dish towel niche above.

Bosch paneled refrigerator and freezer

Pyrex and lasagna pan storage below oven

Dishwasher drawer next to marble sink 

Full dishwasher on other side of marble sink 

Appliance Cabinet

Hidden Outlets

This one you can see only when you are really up close. It is built into the side of the fridge panel and appliance cabinet panel. 

Here it is w/ its cover off 

This you cannot see at all, it is hidden by the cabinet molding. 

Breakfast Nook

The Details:

Marble details:

Custom knobs from Designer Glass Mosaics

Perfect Seams from Big Brothers Marble and Granite in Baltimore:

The details on the cabinets are amazing- Dutch Wood Kitchens did a great job!!!

Cabinet knobs w real mother of pearl

Ipad controller outside kitchen entrance controls music system